The actual concept for the protection of human, animal and plant can only be made possible, if there is a scientific basis which can be put into practice properly.

Science is the drive for new knowledge, the basis for the development of new products and by that for advice, application and sale. New products, methods and innovative preparations based on natural substances for the health of human, animal and plants alike are developed constantly by the Temmen GmbH.

Some products are already available, others have to be certified or are still in development. The selling is made with priority by partner companies, wholesale and trade. An emphasis of the research activities lies in the search for resistance causes of plants and mammals against diseases. Already a few years ago a resistance mechanism against powdery mildew spp. was discovered by Dr. K.H. Temmen (click here for more information), which is based on differently fast evolving embryonic cells in susceptible and resistant plants. Beside genetically specified characteristics and the enviroment certain cell aspect ratio hormones play a major role in this mechanism (Patent DE 197 46 366 A1).

Similar observation s were made with plant cancer, which is caused by bacteria in young cells. As generally known, microorganisms like viruses and bacteria play a major role in the emergence of cancer in mammals. The cell stage is regarded decisive for the release of a tumor (Patent DE 100 32 296 A1).
Although viruses can increase in all marrow cells, they cause however only in immature cells a leukaemic transformation.The meaning of the cell stage is clarified by the fact that one finds no cancer for example in high-specialized cells such as muscle cells as well as cells with short life span such as small intestine epithelium, since these cells die fast continuously due to the short development. There is a connection between age and cancer, because as the aging process of the individual is slowing down, so is the aging process of the cells, so that a few, enough however to cause a carzinom, cannot escape the susceptible phase and fall victim to cancer. The influence of the enviroment on cell development is variously. That nutrition is taking influence on cell development of mammals and by that on the susceptibility to microorganisms, could not be proven so far.With plants it was however stated that constant high nitrogen additions the cell development is being slowed down and the susceptibility is particularly increased in relation to powdery mildew. A similar effect was observed in experiments with photohormones, of which Auxines are ranked as the main representatives.

Before new products hit the market they get certified through different procedures, such as an admission test and extensive official investigations. The products for the agrarian range are suitable not only for integrated plant protection, but also for biological plant protection and/or the ecological agriculture. The ecological agriculture is a relatively new form of environmental compatible land management. Against the widespread opinion it contains substantially more than only an omitting of synthetic operational substances. The protection of the soil fertility and the soil maintainans are at the center of attention. In the experimental farm manor Temmen, in the village of Temmen in Brandenburg, biological products are used in the ecological agriculture and in the range of animal health and tested in practice on their reliability.


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Translated by: Jens Temmen